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How to Replace Washing Machine Inlet Valve

There’s another great repair article over at acmehowto.com about replacing the inlet valve on your washing machine.

Of course, never attempt such a repair yourself without following all safety precautions, like unplugging the washer.

First it discusses what exactly an inlet valve is, and what can happen if the valve is blocked or if its solenoid isn’t functioning.

It discusses how to identify it, where on the washing machine to find it, and how to disconnect it.  It gives advice on the hoses, the terminals, and the wiring.  Once the valve is off, it tells you how to connect the new one and make sure it’s working properly.

If you need to replace your washing machine’s inlet valve, read this article.

Washing Clothes with Plastic Pellets

A recent article from the magazine Popular Science introduced a new concept in laundry: Using about 10% of the water currently used for washing clothes, not to mention a fraction of the detergent, the prototype washer from Xeros includes two nested drums. The inner drum contains the clothes.  The outer drum contains nylon beads.  The polarized molecules in the nylon attract and collect dirt.  At the end of the cycle, the inner drum spins, forcing the beads out.  The linked article contains an image to help you visualize the process.

Although this is an intriguing notion, I can’t help but wonder if this is an efficient method of cleaning clothes.  How does the plastic work on stained clothes?  Also, I can’t help but wonder if I’m going to be fishing out those plastic pellets with every completed load.  The company has a demo video claiming that 99.95% of the beads do return to the outer drum at the end of the cycle.  This is something I’d have to see to believe–and not just once, but after five years.  That sounds like a potential problem to me.  I’m also concerned that delicate clothes won’t be able to withstand being pulverized by these pellets.

This prototype is promising, that much is certain.  However, I’m not yet quite convinced that this is the future of laundry.  I think it needs just a little more development to get people to catch on to the idea.  Best of luck to Xeros.

How a Washing Machine Works

Suppose you read yesterday’s article about repairing your washing machine and said to yourself, “Repair my washing machine?  Are you kidding me? I don’t even know how a washing machine works!”

Well, HowStuffWorks.com comes to the rescue again, this time with a tutorial on exactly how your washer makes your clothes smell like flowers.  Or a fresh mountain spring.  Or whatever detergent you use.

Today’s article shows you how it cleans clothes, its parts (switches, timers, etc.), the plumbing, the pump and its motor, the drive mechanism, the gearbox, the controls, and more.  If you were ever curious about how a washing machine does its job, then look no further.

Take a look!

How to Repair a Washing Machine

I found a great article on how to troubleshoot and repair a standard washing machine.  As the article’s introduction points out rather succinctly, there are a lot of parts and pieces to a washing machine, which makes diagnosis of a particular problem difficult.

The article covers basic checks, cleaning the washer, disassembling it, checking the various parts to the machine (switches, timers, valves, the tub, agitator, belts, pulleys, and the motor), and water-related issues.

The article contains plenty of details and even the occasional picture to help you on your repair quest.

As always, make sure you take the proper precautions and unplug the machine, detach the water hoses and the grounding wire.

Good luck!