How to Replace Washing Machine Inlet Valve

There’s another great repair article over at about replacing the inlet valve on your washing machine. Of course, never attempt such a repair yourself without following all safety precautions, like unplugging the washer. First it discusses what exactly an inlet valve is, and what can happen if the valve is blocked or if its solenoid isn’t functioning. It discusses… Read More

Oven Repair Made Easy

I wanted to let you know about a useful article when you need to look into repairing your oven on your own.  Whether you have an electric or gas oven, this article covers all the basics you need to know for oven maintenance and repair. The article covers door gaskets, burners, disassembling the range, repairing the oven setting control, replacing… Read More

How to Repair Most of Your Major Appliances

Perhaps you don’t actually have an appliance in need of repair, but you’d like to learn a little more about the general process, plus a few tips that you’re sure to remember when an appliance repair does come your way. If this is the case, and you’re simply interested in a little basic education, then we have an article for… Read More

How to Repair a Washing Machine

I found a great article on how to troubleshoot and repair a standard washing machine.  As the article’s introduction points out rather succinctly, there are a lot of parts and pieces to a washing machine, which makes diagnosis of a particular problem difficult. The article covers basic checks, cleaning the washer, disassembling it, checking the various parts to the machine… Read More

Replacing a Stainless Steel Refrigerator Door

I found an article that makes the task of replacing a stainless steel refrigerator door almost seem easy. First, it says to wear gloves, so you don’t leave any kind of marks on the surface.  The article assumes that the machine is unplugged, disconnected from the water supply, and that the old door is already off. Second, position the door… Read More

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