Whirlpool Launches Rebate Finder Online

Whirlpool has launched an online tool for consumers to learn more about what rebate programs are available to them under the “Cash for Appliances” program for their particular state. Entering in a zip code and appliance type will provide consumers with their specific rebate amount.  It will also provide rebate amounts from any local utility companies, if offered. Read more… Read More

Whirlpool Supports Retirement Benefits for Former Tennessee Employees

According to this article, Whirlpool has fashioned an $11.7 million bond to support roughly 1,500 former employees of a closed Tennessee plant. The plant has remained closed since August 2008. Whirlpool will give the bond to Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation to pay out to the former Whirlpool employees.

Whirlpool to Produce One Million Smart-Grid Appliances in Two Years

Whirlpool has committed to producing one million dryers by the end of 2011 that are compatible with the emerging smart grid technology. After an additional four years, by the end of 2015, all of Whirlpool’s electronic appliances will be smart-grid friendly. They are currently promoting this commitment at the International Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.  They are exhibiting one… Read More

Whirlpool First to Satisfy Standards for Allergen Reduction

Whirlpool is the first company to meet new standards for allergen reduction in washers. The standards were developed by NSF International, certifying allergen reduction performance in family-sized washing machines, both commercial and residential. Models carrying the names Whirlpool and Maytag (owned by Whirlpool) have, in fact, been certified by NSF. If you’re interested in more detail, read the article here.… Read More

Whirlpool Recalls Workers

Whirlpool is bringing back 400 workers to its Fort Smith, AR manufacturing plant to make more side-by-side refrigerators and icemakers. Last year, the company laid off 700 workers, citing the economy as its justification.  The recall of 400 people has been credited to an increase in demand which should last at least until summer 2010.

Whirlpool Gets Another Go at LG Case

According to a recent Bloomberg article, Whirlpool’s argument against LG will get another hearing in court. Whirlpool claims that LG’s refrigerators violate a patent involving its ice storage.  A previous ruling denied their claim, but the US International Trade Commission has said that it will review the case.  If the ITC rules in Whirlpool’s favor, some of LG’s refrigerators will… Read More

Whirlpool showcases Smart Grid Appliances in Copenhagen

I reported a few days ago on the recent Sustainability Report released by Whirlpool promoting the company’s efforts to go green and manufacture appliances capable of sending and receiving messages to the electric grid. Vice President of Government Relations for Whirlpool, Tom Catania, will represent his company at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of the Parties… Read More

Whirlpool Sustainability Report

A few weeks ago, along with its Annual Report, Whirlpool released its very first Sustainability Report. This report highlights Whirlpool’s efforts to go green. Their efforts not only focus on their production practices, but also the innovations they’re pursuing to make their products more energy efficient. Within the next five years, for example, Whirlpool will offer appliances that will be… Read More

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