Air Conditioning Filters

Stop breathing dusty air!

Superior Appliance Parts offers a full range of replacement filters for your air conditioner system.

Need antibacterial filters? Special sized filters? High performance air-conditioner filters? AC Window Unit filters?

We stock extensive inventory of the best filters available on today’s market. For furnaces that run efficiently and air conditioners that provide you with the best air, make sure your filters are changed regularly.

Allergies and other chronic illnesses have also been linked to poor air quality. Air conditioner filters are your primary defense against air problems. We offer Lifetime Electrostatic allergy filters which require no special hook-up. Provide a healthy environment for your friends, employees and family.

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For quality, price, and efficiency, you can’t beat our deals on air conditioner filters!

Lifetime Electrostatic allergy filters. (No special hookup needed). Removes dust, pollen, dander, mold spores and more by creating a natural static charge from the air passing through the filter that catches these particles. For all A/C and Heating units. Even Window units!

All sizes available.
Custom made to any width and length, 1″ or 2″ thickness.

High quality custom made permanent-washable filters for air conditioning and heating.

Delivery time- 2 – 5 day average

  • We will build any size filter you need.
  • Never replace a filter again.
  • Custom made to the size you specify.
  • Fast, 1 day build time in most cases.
  • You wont find this service anywhere!

Using throw away filters bought at local hardware store do not improve your air quality. These disposable filters can cause expensive ($300-$500) coil cleanings within 2 years, even with regular replacement each month.
These electrostatic filters remove and filter over 300% more airborne particles.

Filters Fit All Brands


Save Big! Large Quantity (Over 10) Discounts Available! Call.

Electrostatic Allergy Filter

Replaces all standard filters.
Electrostatic allergy reducing filters.
Key Benefits:
High Performance Electrostatic Filter
Helps reduce the causes of allergy symptoms
Washable – Lifetime design
No electrical hook-up needed
Color of filter varies
Sizes come standard 1 inch thickness.
2 inch is available but not necessary in most units.
Choose the pricing structure below that your size filter fits between.

Order any size up to

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