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How to Replace Washing Machine Inlet Valve

There’s another great repair article over at acmehowto.com about replacing the inlet valve on your washing machine.

Of course, never attempt such a repair yourself without following all safety precautions, like unplugging the washer.

First it discusses what exactly an inlet valve is, and what can happen if the valve is blocked or if its solenoid isn’t functioning.

It discusses how to identify it, where on the washing machine to find it, and how to disconnect it.  It gives advice on the hoses, the terminals, and the wiring.  Once the valve is off, it tells you how to connect the new one and make sure it’s working properly.

If you need to replace your washing machine’s inlet valve, read this article.

How to Repair Most of Your Major Appliances

Perhaps you don’t actually have an appliance in need of repair, but you’d like to learn a little more about the general process, plus a few tips that you’re sure to remember when an appliance repair does come your way.

If this is the case, and you’re simply interested in a little basic education, then we have an article for you.

This article contains general–but ultimately useful–information on how to repair most major appliances.  It offers a few tricks–and even the odd diagram–to help you past the most basic hurdles one may encounter when tinkering around with a fussy appliance.  Before you call that service-person, don’t give up.  Just read the article and see what you can do on your own.

After covering the basics, the article provides great tips on disassembling appliances.  Next, it discusses how to repair power cords.  Then it teaches you how to replace the most common parts you’ll find on your appliances (everything from gaskets to motors and everything in between).  Finally, it provides more resources to find exactly the information you may need.

Happy reading!

Looking for a Discontinued Appliance Part?

It’s not impossible to find discontinued appliance parts.  In fact, it’s extremely easy.  Whether you need discontinued parts for a refrigerator, dishwasher, AC or heating unit, an ice machine, a washer or dryer, or a grill, you have plenty of options.

Many Appliance Parts stores online allow you to search for parts.  However, if a part you’re looking for is discontinued, chances are you won’t find it in any online search.  Don’t fret!  Unless you really want to.  Fretting is optional.

All you need to do is contact the Appliance Parts store directly, either via e-mail or phone.  Most stores have connections to discontinued parts or might have suggestions for where to look.  They may also be able to recommend a substitute from a current model for the same brand as the part you need.

With any luck, your Appliance Parts store can locate a suitable part for your DIY home appliance repair project.