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First High SEER DC-Powered Air Conditioner

A new solar-powered air conditioner has been introduced by SPP (Solar Panels Plus).  It is high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rated (SEER) and is called the SplitCool DC18.

The air conditioner runs on a bank of batteries powered by solar panels and can be installed without adding ducts.  It would handle each room as a separate zone.  It also features a remote compressor, allowing for quiet operation.

Read more about it here.


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True Story: Rats in my Air Conditioner Unit

Some time ago, my wife and I moved into a house a few months after we got married. We moved in the middle of winter, excited to rent a house that was a thousand square feet larger than the previous apartment we’d lived in. It wasn’t until the first scorching summer day, several months later, that I learned my lesson about checking my appliances before each season.

The air conditioner wasn’t working at all. The entire house felt like a sauna located in a volcano.

I inspected the compressor unit in the back yard, and quickly deduced that rats had infiltrated the unit. In particular, they had actually completely chewed through the electrical wiring. Every wire was frayed.

After the A/C unit was rewired, we cranked it on. Unsurprisingly, the compressor itself lasted about 30 seconds before it blew out. Ultimately, I had to replace the compressor as well as the fuse.

As for the rats, I hired a professional to deal with them, of course. I have no desire to be anywhere near street rats. Our dogs sure enjoyed chasing them, though.

Had I checked the system prior to the significant weather change, I would’ve fixed these problems long before they caused us discomfort and stress. I certainly learned my lesson!